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Society of Czech Compatriots

The Society of Czech Compatriots was established on 15th December, 2007. It is a social, non-political organization gathering people with the Czech nationality and their partners on a voluntary basis.

The aims of the society are

-to maintain national identity and relations with the Czech Republic as well as to share cultural heritage among Czechs and their friends living in Malta

-to support Czech national traditions and use of the Czech language among Czechs and their children

-to exchange experience of life in Malta among Czechs living for a long term or temporarily in the country

-to support, in collaboration with the Honorary Consulate of the Czech Republic in Malta and the Embassy of the Czech-Republic in Rome, organization and participation of various events and Czech national days

Any guests are welcome to attend public Society activities.

Members of the society Committee
Vitezslav Nezval – president and contact person
Miloslav Sitar
Eva Nezvalova
Jitka Eiblova Dodd
Eliska Bacova

Contact Details
Cesky krajansky spolek
Tel:00356 2340 2510
Mobile:00356 99229062
e-mail: vnez@cis.um.edu.mt


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